Energy Driven.

We are Go2 Power Consulting, a rising star amongst energy consulting companies.

We empower people to think green for cleaner energy scene.

We aspire to become the best “little” power consultancy in the world!

Offering Flexibility while maintaining Integrity and Authenticity

Our power systems team is constantly at the leading edge of custom modelling experience. 

Our vast experience is being molded by a series of projects and services ranging from generation planning, market analysis, determining optimal power dispatch and power system analysis, to cost benefit, economic and financial analyses.

We strive to become pioneers in optimising power systems while providing creative and innovative solutions for our clients no matter how complex the assignment.

Let the chosen solution come to life and yield the expected results.

Reliability is the name of the game, make it work for you.

Seamlessly connect the chosen solutions into an integrated mix.

Plan, revise, redraft and choose what’s best for you.

Build the projections on reliable data with flawless logic to remove uncertainty.

Build a bridge between PLEXOS and power system analysis software.

Monitor power flows from points of generation to points of consumption

Power up your team to deliver the in-house tailored solutions.