Our business model includes boosting the final output where and when applicable, by combining our in-house expertise with that of our experienced, trusted partners globally and locally.

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Tomo Martinović

Technical Director
Tomo is Technical Director and Founder of Go2Power consulting. With over fifteen years of experience, he is highly skilled in connection studies for generation and transmission, interconnection of two or more power systems and congestion management with calculation of cross-border transmission capacities and allocation principles, as well as analysis of power system adequacy and power quality monitoring. He has developed and maintained successful working relationships with colleagues all around the world. This perfectionist with great love for gourmet cuisine and collecting stamps and comics, understands that only happy people and positive working environment create a winning team.

Goran Vukojević

Managing Director
Goran is a Managing Director and Partner at Go2Power consulting with more than twenty years of experience in energy sector. His background includes power system analysis, feasibility studies, masterplans, dispatch studies, renewable integration, grid code reviews and EMS SCADA replacements for many clients worldwide. Goran has led many renewable generation connection schemes, from distribution to utility scale generation, including determining techno-economical optimum amount of renewable generation on a country level. Goran is a natural thrill seeker with extensive love for running and 80s music. He is constantly empowering his team to think outside the box and providing them full support for any innovative solutions.

Mila Drajić

Senior Power Systems Consultant
Mila is Senior Power Systems Consultant with experience in Power System Analysis, especially Electro-Magnetic Transients. Her passion for solving challenging problems has enabled her to work on numerous projects in the field, where she has been responsible for creating power systems’ models and performing analysis using various software tools. Her eye for detail, shaped through attending various art courses and willingness to push the boundaries, as an advanced-level yoga enthusiast, combined with her natural drive for socializing, enabled her to develop many important skills and habits and to find balance between teamwork and individual progress.

Perica Stančević

Lead Power Systems Consultant
Perica is Lead Power Systems Consultant with vast experience in real-time monitoring and regulation of the power system operation. He successfully performed energy studies in the field of power system adequacy and renewables integration for many different clients worldwide. His goal is to investigate and predict the steady state and transient performance of power systems under normal and abnormal operating conditions as part of the planning and design of electrical systems. In his spare time, Perica enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. He keeps his athletic mind in great shape by regularly playing blitz chess games.
Milos Mitrovic Go2Power_solo

Miloš Mitrović

Executive Power Systems Consultant
Milos is Executive Power Systems Consultant who specializes in power system stability and operation. His main fields of expertise include transmission network planning and operation, Grid Code compliance studies and grid impact studies, transmission and generation master plan, interconnection studies, renewable integration studies, market studies, dispatch studies (optimum generation dispatch, unit commitment, short/medium and long-term generation expansion planning), power quality analysis and measurements (harmonics, flickers, voltage unbalance). In his spare time, Milos likes reading, travelling and various outdoor activities. His organizational skills enable him to constantly be stellar in his work, but he also always manages to find the time to celebrate his success with family and friends.

Sonja Angelovski

Senior Power Systems Consultant
Sonja is Senior Power Systems Consultant with great interest in power quality studies influenced by new inverter-based technologies. In her previous work she was involved in various system studies using advanced energy software tools. She is captivated by the idea of cleaner energy in the future and firmly believes that renewable energy sources are a great way to make the worldwide generation portfolio greener and safer for future generations. She enjoys preparing plant-based food for her friends, paired with good wine. Performing well under pressure is never an issue since she combines it with regular running and yoga.

Stanko Vujnović

Principal PLEXOS Consultant
Stanko is Principal PLEXOS Consultant with over 13 years of experience in short- and medium-term planning units, as well as in real time department. During his previous work in planning unit, he was included in different connection studies for new generation and transmission in power systems. He is passionate about computers in general, with special emphasis on building a bridge between PLEXOS and its users, by implementing automation algorithms for processing solution files and calculation methods. In his free time, you will find Stanko listening to good music with a pint of craft beer. He also loves skiing and hiking in nature.
Milutin Markovic Go2Power solo

Milutin Marković

Senior Power Systems Consultant
Milutin is Senior Power Systems Consultant with 9 years of experience in System Operation, developed within real time operation department at National Control Centre. He has significant experience in preparation of back casting / forecasting models and performing various types of simulations in advanced energy software. He possesses good knowledge of project management, gained through participation in multiple WBIF IPF7 and EU-funded projects. He believes the best time to gain new ideas is after a nice traditional meal. He is passionate about cooking and consuming homemade produce. He loves to read and participate in team sports.
Jovana Nikodijevic 1

Jovana Nikodijević

Power Systems Engineer
Jovana is a Power Systems Engineer who earned a Bachelor of Science Degree of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. She is currently studying for a master’s degree at the same institution, in the field of Power Systems, majoring in Renewable Energy Sources. She enjoys numerous outdoor and indoor sports, such as skiing, table tennis, volleyball, etc. She plays futsal for her faculty team and goes to the gym regularly. When it comes to entertainment, she loves listening to jazz and blues, playing board games and hanging out with her friends trying out new fun activities.
Radomir Zivic Go2Power solo

Radomir Živić

Senior PLEXOS Consultant
Radomir is Senior Power Systems Consultant with extensive experience in both development and administration in energy sector. He was involved in new market process implementation – Guarantees of Origin for electricity and preparation of Domain protocol for acquiring full AIB and EECS scheme membership status. His skills cover Balancing responsibility and Balancing mechanism analysis, allocation of cross-zonal capacities congestion management with cross-border transmission capacities calculation and allocation principles. Radomir is a car enthusiast and his love for cars (especially Alfa Romeo) and motor vehicles extends to attending and participating in different karting competitions. He is a cinemaphile.
Dejan Saric Go2Power solo

Dejan Sarić

Principal Power Systems Consultant
Dejan is Principal Power Systems Consultant with experience in real-time monitoring at National Control Centre. During his years of consultant work, he completed various network and market studies for clients in Southeast Europe and Middle East. Dejan keeps perfecting his skills and is in constant search for new challenges in modelling of various generation technologies and performing simulations using advanced energy software. Sport is a crucial part of his everyday life, and he had the privilege of participating on both sides of the spectrum: He is a former handball referee and player, however these days he enjoys basketball and volleyball more. This pub quiz enthusiast with special interest in history, enjoys spending time with his friends and doesn’t miss a chance to try out exotic beers.
Marija Go2Power solo

Marija Obadović

Business Administration Lead
Marija is the force enabling the team to focus on coninuous effort to craft tailored solutions for the clients, by providing all the support needed in overcoming possible and materialized administrative tasks, including also those unforseeable. Possessing unique insights in both administrative and regulatory framework and driven by the fundamental understanding of our mission and vision, she commits her energy to the common goal and adds often invisible, yet important touch to our overall output.

Milica Ašćerić

Graduate Power Systems Engineer
Milica is a Graduate Power Systems Engineer with Master’s Degree earned at Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. Her foresight and broad-mindedness ensure that she easily overcomes new challenges in her work. Moreover, as an energetic and passionate engineer, she is not afraid of any kind of challenges. She actively follows energy trends and has great interest in renewable energy sources, primarily wind power plants. She considers her time spent in nature as the most relaxing, and her physical condition responds to regular kickboxing training.

Miloš Rakić

Executive Consultant
Miloš is an Executive Consultant with 17 years of worldwide experience in Protection and Smart Grid project implementation as well as in SCADA/EMS systems development and integration with real-time and business systems. Recently he has been focused on Integration of renewable energy sources, battery energy storage systems and microgrids, all including Market applications. All phases of projects from masterplans to commissioning are known to him through experience gained on a number of large IFI-funded projects around the world. He believes that the best results are achieved as a combination of thorough preparation and thinking out of the box. Having a good time involves swimming, basketball or skiing with occasional pint of beer afterwards.

Danilo Komatina

Senior Power System Consultant
Danilo is a Senior Power System Consultant with years of experience in electricity markets. He is primarily interested in systems for balancing market. His previous work experience includes portfolio management from 3 years ahead, up to an intraday level. His business goals are dedicated to minimizing costs for every single market participant, through trading and dispatch optimization. In his free time Danilo loves traveling and exploring new places. He tries to spend every free moment with his family, ideally surrounded by nature.
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Nenad Belčević

Principal Power Systems Consultant
Nenad is Principal Power Systems Consultant and a specialist in Relay Protection. As a part of his work on his PhD thesis, he makes significant scientific contribution by publishing research papers in world’s leading journals. He has great experience in performing a wide range of analyses, including both transmission and distribution systems. His experience also covers working on renewable energy projects (hydro power plants and wind farms) and the provision of consulting services for various financial institutions in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. He is always in the mood for a cup of good coffee. In his spare time, Nenad enjoys hiking in the nature and spending time with his family.

Nevena Milutinović

Commercial Operations Manager
Acting as a Commercial Operations Manager entails many duties, Nevena assists in selling DIgSILENT software, managing financial relationships, and working with her coworkers to achieve the goals of the company. Coming from more than twenty years of experience in banking, finance and administration, she applies these skills, helping assure the business runs smoothly, efficiently, and optimally. She always brings positivity to the office that cannot be matched.